Jan 23

Publication | Dynamics of sea level rise and coastal flooding on a changing landscape


Update – now available as Open Access

M.V. Bilskie, S.C. Hagen, S.C. Medeiros, D.L. Passeri (2014). “Dynamics of sea level rise and coastal flooding on a changing landscape.” Geophysical Research Letters, 927-934, doi: 10.1002/2013GL058759

Standard approaches to determining the impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) on storm surge flooding employ numerical models reflecting present conditions with modified sea states for a given SLR scenario. In this study, we advance this paradigm by adjusting the model framework so that it reflects not only a change in sea state, but also variations to the landscape (morphologic changes and urbanization of coastal cities). We utilize a numerical model of the Mississippi and Alabama coast to simulate the response of hurricane storm surge to changes in sea level, Land Use Land Cover (LULC), and land surface elevation for past (1960), present (2005), and future (2050) conditions. The results show that the storm surge response to SLR is dynamic and sensitive to changes in the landscape. We introduce a new modeling framework that includes modification of the landscape when producing storm surge models for future conditions.

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